The Nice Guys is the latest entry in the ’70s nostalgia wave that started with Dazed and Confused and has kinda been going on in the background ever since. It’s directed by Shane Black, whose credits include Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon, but you probably remember him from the admittedly mediocre film we all liked for a while for some reason, Iron Man 3. It also features the slightly-unlikely pairing of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, so with such an all-star cast, what could go wrong?

I kid, but this movie actually is really good. Gosling and Crowe have phenomenal chemistry, and the rest of the performances are also great. Matt Bomer is terrifying, and that’s not something I thought I’d ever say about Matt Bomer. The script is hilarious, and the plot is really interesting, although the ending is a bit unsatisfying. I think the plot unravels slowly throughout, so it’s really clever, but there’s not any big reveal to give away at the end. 

Another problem with the ending is that it leaves room for a sequel, and in a way that doesn’t feel organic. It doesn’t seem like there’s any story left to follow, but one character just kind of days it’s not over, and I guess we’re supposed to take her word for it. There’s some sort of underlying metaphor with birds and bees, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Overall, The Nice Guys is one of the best movies to come out so far this year. I highly recommend it. A.