Last April, Kevin Feige said in an interview that he had a plan to continue the Marvel Cinematic Universe through 2028. Now, we can’t say for sure what Feige has in mind, and with the constantly changing landscape of characters to choose from (see: Ghost Rider, Spider-Man), as well as individual movies having to somewhat warp to the whims of their directors, chances are the whole universe isn’t as thought out as it seems. So it’s possible if not likely that Marvel takes into account what the fans want, since the fans are the people who give them money. For example, rumor has it Marvel is finally working on a Black Widow movie, something they were bizarrely opposed to for the longest time. That being said, I have an urgent request for Marvel, and I do hope they’ll hear me out.

Give Yondu his own movie.

For those that have already forgotten due to his lack of screen time, Yondu is a character in Guardians of the Galaxy who is an intergalactic bounty hunter and father figure to Star-Lord. He has a flying spear that slices through enemies on a dime and is controlled via whistling.

This description alone already makes a solid case for why he should have his own movie, but if you’ve seen the movie, you also know that he’s an amazing character. He’s one of the standout and funnier characters in the most standout and funny movie in the MCU, and he’s played brilliantly by The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker, who is unrecognizable in the role.

Now some of you may be saying “But he’s a side character. A one-trick pony. He couldn’t have his own movie!” But just think of it. Yondu wisecracks his way across the galaxy with his gang of ravagers, letting nothing stand in his way as he searches for untold treasures. A John Wick-style action-fest starring a man who is truly unstoppable, but instead of Keanu Reeves it’s fucking Yondu.

Now, I’m sure Yondu will be making appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Infinity Wars, but I feel like he deserves better. In a movie full of amazing characters, he still stands out. He’s unique, he’s hilarious, he’s badass. And he’s exactly the sort of interesting, off-the-wall character that Marvel will need to dig itself out of the superhero backlash that has already begun. But that’s a story for another time.