Jemaine Clement is delightful. The New Zealand comedian/musician, best known for playing Jemaine Clemaine in  Flight of the Conchords and Boris the Animal in Men in Black 3 (seriously, that was him), has actually had a pretty impressive career that goes a bit unrecognized. Thankfully, his latest movie What We Do in the Shadows seems to be picking up some more buzz.

Shadows is a This Is Spinal Tap-style mockumentary about four vampire roommates that gives us a look into the daily life of modern vampires. As you probably expected,, the result is a hilarious over-the-top gorefest that blends the type of awkward atmosphere Bob’s Burgers so disappointingly fails at with a surprisingly in-depth lore that always feels genuine yet interesting.

Once in a while the movie seems to lose focus. One minute it’ll be dealing with a new vampire, the next it’ll be talking about the death of one of the older ones, the next a centuries-old rivalry between vampires and werewolves. But when you think about it, the movie isn’t really supposed to have a point. It’s just the day-to-day lives of these four or five or six (it’s complicated) vampires. It doesn’t need to have a method. It’s just meant to be funny and captivating. Kind of like This is Spinal Tap.

And it does its job remarkably well. It’s short running time, unique atmosphere, and lack of a clear goal means it never loses your attention. This is a movie that didn’t need to end where it did. In fact, it ended on a bizarrely heartfelt note. No spoilers, of course.

We’ve already seen a lot of decent flicks this year, but this is probably the most solid movie as of yet. One complaint I have is that it kind of uses vampirism as a metaphor for homosexuality for like, two scenes, and then it never really goes anywhere with it, and then it just sort of goes away. But other than that, great story, really funny, cool atmosphere, all-around great film.

I guess I’d give What We Do in the Shadows an A-. I highly recommend you see it. Like this post if you like it, comment if you’ve got something to say, follow my blog if you like it like it, you can also follow me on Twitter @BreakingPOORLY, and as always…

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