What can be said about Lil Wayne? Well, a lot. But he is a very enigmatic figure. Most people hate him, but those who have given his music a listen will admit that he’s not always bad. There was a period of a few years where he was putting out some really solid work, and he still manages some good verses from time to time. But it is true that it’s hard to defend Lil Wayne. Often, it’s hard to tell what he’s even doing. But with Tha Carter 5 on it’s way… eventually, I figured now was a good time to go through Lil Wayne’s career and highlight the good and the bad. It actually took me about five months to make this article, so I don’t really remember some of the earlier albums well enough to write a full paragraph on them. So, here are the albums ranked from best to worst, along with the short comments I made upon first hearing them.

1. Tha Carter 4 – one great song after another, a lot of Lil Wayne’s best work, a bit disjointed but consistently excellent

2. Tha Carter 2 – best lyrics yet, good flow, good production, more experimental

3. Da Drought 3 – great lyrics, memorable production, great flow, gets boring around start of disc 2, too long

4. No Ceilings – overall solid, no notable flops, a bit overlong

5. Tha Carter – very catchy, good lyrics, great flow, overall solid album

6. Da Drought – great production, better variety, better lyrics

7. Sorry 4 the Wait 2 – lyrics improving from Dedication 5, pointless Autotune is weird, Wayne seems too apologetic, but the lyrics are pretty solid

8. I Am Not A Human Being – disjointed, good at times, bad at others, pretty solid production throughout

9. Tha Carter 3 – overrated, great production, decent lyrics, significant step down from Drought 3

10. Sorry 4 the Wait – very disjointed, a bit of a trip through Weezy’s career, some songs are laughably bad

11. Tha Block is Hot – good rhymes, good flow, good production

12. Da Drought 2 – gets boring after a while, not as varied as first Drought

13. Dedication 2 – better than first Dedication, but way too long and not very memorable

14. The Prefix – good lyrics, mediocre production

15. Dedication 3 – Wayne seems to be the only one trying, but to be fair, he’s trying pretty hard

16. Lights Out – same as Tha Block is Hot, kind of boring

17. Dedication 4 – Nothing in particular stands out, it’s all just kind of shitty

18. The Dedication – a series of short, mediocre remixes, sometimes good lyrics

19. The Suffix – bad production even for DJ Khaled, doesn’t keep attention

20. 500 Degreez – worse lyrics, worse production

21. Like Father, Like Son – decent Lil Wayne verses burdened by shitty Birdman verses

22. Dedication 5 – simple lyrics, good production, a few decent guest verses, overall nothing special

23. Rebirth – a baffling, poorly-executed foray into rock, well-written but unbearable to listen to, “Drop the World” is pretty good though

24. I Am Not A Human Being 2 – unspeakably bad