A lot of people don’t like Fall Out Boy. A lot of people would groan at the very mention of them. And that’s fine. There’s a lot not to like. Hell, they’re about to go on a summer tour with Wiz Khalifa. I have no problem with FOB working with rappers, but did they have to pick the worst one? However, I am a fan of Fall Out Boy, at least for the moment. And really, this is a good time to be a fan of them. They just reunited after a three-year hiatus, they’ve had more than a few hit singles in recent years, and they just released their second album in two years. So, since I’m well into my Fall Out Boy phase, I thought I’d write a review for it.

It’s… pretty good. The music is pretty good, the lyrics are pretty good, everything’s just… pretty good. Patrick Stump has a great voice, but it doesn’t really elevate the relative goodness of the album. I especially liked “Uma Thurman,” which uses a sample from the Munsters theme song, which everyone thought was from a Tarantino movie, so they decided to build the song around that. It’s a really fun, catchy song, as many of the songs on this album are, but it also has some pretty interesting lyrics relative to, let’s say, a Chris Brown song. I bring up that comparison because Chris Brown and FOB are two acts that are frequently on the radio, and what FOB has over Breezy is that they’re at least trying.

The real problem with the album is the creeping sameness of it all. Every song is not only structured about the same, but almost the exact same length, ranging from three minutes and ten seconds to four minutes and twenty seconds. Most of the songs are about love but, you know, creepy, which I guess you could call a theme, since the album is called “American Beauty/American Psycho.” And they handle the themes of each song pretty well, it’s just that there’s not much theme to be handling.

That actually pretty much sums it up. I give the album a B+. It’s a fun album, and while I wouldn’t call it a great album, or even my favorite Fall Out Boy album, it does its job well enough. I’ll have a review of Lupe Fiasco’s long-awaited Tetsuo and Youth out later today. In the meantime, like this post if you like it, comment if you don’t like it, follow me if you like it like it, you can also follow me on Twitter @BreakingPOORLY, and as always…

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