With June more than halfway through, the question on everyone’s minds is “What will be the song of the summer?” The contenders are pretty obvious, so I’m just going to talk about a few of these songs in a series on the possible songs of the summer. First off, the most likely contender: “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX. First, a little history.

The first two verses of this song are lifted directly from an earlier Azalea song called “Leave It.” “Leave It” also has the same beat, so Azalea is literally sampling herself. And by the way, the beat has a clear DJ Mustard influence, to the extent that when “Leave It” was first leaked, the leaker mistakenly identified it as being produced by DJ Mustard. Of course, the songs were both actually produced by the Invisible Men, a trio of English producers who have never had an American hit before. If I got my hands on this song, I’d also assume it was from DJ Mustard.

So, if Azalea is sampling herself, that must mean she really wanted people to hear these lyrics, that she’s particularly proud of them, right? Wrong! The lyrics aren’t awful, but they’re certainly not good. I’d say it’s about on par with a decent 2 Chainz verse, and yes, that is an insult. The line about giving lessons in physics doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and it’s just about the only memorable line in the song.

But what about the chorus? Surely if Azalea would just add a new chorus to a preexisting song, it would have to be a good one, right? Yeah, the chorus actually is pretty good. Bet you weren’t expecting that. The problem is that Charli XCX’s voice doesn’t accommodate the beat very well. The beat is dull and droning, like “Rack City,” while Charli XCX’s voice demands something fun and powerful, like “I Love It.” Don’t get me wrong, “I Love It” is an awful song, but at least it worked on one level.

My other big problem with Charli XCX’s chorus and particularly her bridge, is that the kind of lifestyle they convey (Trash the hotel/Let’s get drunk on the minibar) doesn’t sound very “fancy” to me. And no, “fancy” isn’t some sort of ironic term you didn’t know about. In the context of this song, “fancy” means “fancy.” In fact, the only thing remotely fancy they mention in the song is that they drink expensive liquor and have a chandelier. Unless all that is in the aforementioned hotel room of theirs, it’s not that impressive.

Overall, I give this song a solid C+. The hook is nice, but none of the pieces of the song fit together. I’d prefer it if it weren’t the song of the summer, but it looks like it probably will be. Coming up next: “Problem.” Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @BreakingPOORLY, and as always…

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