Haven’t done one of these in a while. But tonight, now that one of TV’s great institutions has finally drawn to a close, it feels fitting to talk about my thoughts on the finale. People on Twitter have called it “disappointing,” “legen-wait for it-dary,” (how original) “wow,” “failed to meet expectations,” “awful,” “loved it,” “great,” “fantastic makeup,” “so emotional,” “terrific,” “the worst episode ever,” and perhaps most commonly, “I’m just going to pretend it was an April Fools’ joke.” So, it’s clear that the reviews are mixed. What did I think of it?

It was OK. IT certainly wasn’t bad, and I don’t think the things I didn’t like are the same things everybody else didn’t like. People seem to be most split on the ending, in which not only is the Mother dead, but the kids convince Ted to start going out with Robin again, ending the series right where it began, only probably with better results. Some say they don’t like that they killed off the title character, who they hadn’t even introduced until this season. Others say they don’t like that after all that shit, Ted and Robin still ended up together. Others say it was a really cool twist that they didn’t see coming. Personally, I disagree with all sides. It was pretty cool of them to kill off the mother, especially since everyone on the internet thought they were going to do it. I like that Ted and Robin wound up together, because of course they did. As you can deduce from those previous sentences, I did see it coming. From a mile away. However, none of my problems or even my comments on the episode had anything to do with the ending.

First major problem: the acting was oddly subpar. Did anyone else notice that? HIMYM isn’t exactly known for the acting prowess of its cast, but they were really off in this episode. In fact, the whole thing was like that. Everything just felt forced. Recurring jokes made a cameo appearances, entire subplots were dropped on the fly, and nothing about it was quite right.

For example, Buzzfeed put out a list a few days ago of questions that needed to be answered in the finale. By my count, 33 of them were not answered by the finale. That means that only 35% of the questions that, according to Buzzfeed, NEEDED to be answered by the finale, were not in fact answered. Everything else about the finale was fine, except for those two major flaws.

Oh, and another thing. It’s never explained why Ted sounds like Bob Saget in the narration. Also, it’s not funny. It just isn’t funny. There were maybe 10 jokes in the entire hour-long episode, and 2 or 3 of them weren’t funny. You can’t have a finale for a sitcom that isn’t funny. That’s part of what was so good about the Office finale. It was emotional and wrapped everything up in a neat little bow, but it also kept things funny and lighthearted.

Overall, I give it a C+. ‘Salright. I’ll review some other stuff pretty soon, including not one, but two movie reviews next week. Like if you like, follow if you follow, favorite if you favorite, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @BreakingPOORLY, and as always…

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