You’re going to be seeing a lot of these song reviews because, quite frankly, they’re by far the most popular part of the site. Basically, I’m going to be reviewing any song on the Hot 100 that I have something to say about. I also won’t be reviewing songs that have been all over the radio for quite some time, or songs that have already been reviewed by Todd in the Shadows or the Rap Critic. That being said, American Authors.

American Authors is another band that emerged in the indie rock boom of 2012, like Fun. or Imagine Dragons. Their first big hit is “Best Day of My Life,” which you may recognize from a bunch of commercials. Never say selling out is a sign of a band’s demise. Anyway, the song is a happy-go-lucky number about a guy that… has a good night’s sleep. Basically.

It’s actually more about aspiring to achieve one’s dreams, and waking up every day with a sense of energy rather than dread. It’s pretty nice. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, but what really stands out is the beat, which combines clapping, banjo, guitar, bass, and drums into an impressive cacophony of feel-good vibes. It’s pretty nice.

The song it most reminds me of is “It’s Time,” by Imagine Dragons, who went on to meet, disappoint, meet again, and exceed expectations over the course of the past year. But back in 2012, when “It’s Time” came out, it was Imagine Dragons came out. It was upbeat, but decidedly rock, and combined elements of clapping, banjo, guitar, and drums…

You can see from where I drew the comparison. Of course, the songs themselves aren’t all that similar. “It’s Time” is about overcoming depression and fighting for your cause, while “Best Day of My Life” is about making your dreams a reality. Actually, those do sound kinda similar. Never mind.

So overall, I give “Best Day of My Life” a B+. A bit hollow, but enjoyable nonetheless. Sorry that this one was shorter than usual; I just didn’t have a lot to say. Like, favorite, and follow if that’s your kind of thing, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @BreakingPOORLY, and as always…

Liek dis if ucry evertim.