I like Wes Anderson. I’m fairly certain everyone does. What some don’t like is Anderson’s eccentric style, which includes often-robotic acting, cartoonish violence, and Jason Schwartzman. Obviously, there’s a lot not to like. But there’s also a lot to like, like amazing set design, great costumes, strange, unique stories, and Bill Murray. And all of these were present in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

In all honesty, GBH is only the third Wes Anderson movie I’ve seen, the other two being Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Royal Tenenbaums. So I’m not exactly an Anderson expert. But one thing I’ve noticed is that Anderson movies often have a standout performance. In Tenenbaums, it was Gene Hackman. In Fox, it was Jason Schwartzman. But in Grand Budapest Hotel, the standout actor was undoubtedly Ralph Fiennes, who managed to make a decent living despite not being able to pronounce his own name correctly.

But outside of the amazing set pieces and Andersonian cameos, Budapest is basically a Murder By Death-style comedy caper, and quite frankly, I love that. Another thing I love about the movie is that it just gets better, more fast-paced, and more “out there” as it goes along. By the end of the movie, when they found themselves stopping in a barley field again, the movie had gone from classic cast-driven Anderson fare to raunchy screwball comedy. It’s as if the serious parts of American Hustle and the funny parts of American Hustle were separated on opposite sides of the movie. Also, better.

You know what this movie is? This movie is Wes Anderson trying to make a Coen Brothers movie. Seriously, this movie takes all the good parts of Burn After Reading and combines them with all the good parts of Anderson’s past three movies (Moonrise Kingdom, Fox, Darjeeling Limited). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Not at all

The movie’s not perfect, of course. A lot of my problems with American Hustle were also present in this movie, albeit to a lesser extent. For example, the lack of actual substance behind the layers of makeup and costumes and fanciful characters, or the totally wasted cameos from people who deserve better (DeNiro, Louis C.K., Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray). But once again, to a lesser extent. This is kind of like what American Hustle should have been. Like, if Wes Anderson wrote American Hustle, and it was the same actors playing the same characters but the script was different, that would be perfect.

I don’t know why I keep bringing up American Hustle in this Grand Budapest Hotel review, but I don’t really have much else to say. It’s a great movie. See it. Actually, so far, this has been a pretty good year for movies. I’ve seen two so far, and they were The LEGO Movie and this. And it’s not like I really avoid bad movies. I actually like seeing bad movies sometimes so that I can review them. I just haven’t found any that were just the right amount of bad yet. We’ll have to see.

Overall, I give the movie an A-. I’m gonna review stuff and rank stuff and do other stuff. Like if you like, favorite if you favorite, follow if you follow, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @BreakingPOORLY, and as always…

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