This one goes out to my fallen homeboy, Harold Ramis. I am most certainly the first person to ever say anything of that nature. In this article, I will talk about not only the history of Ghostbusters 3, but also how to save it.

The idea for Ghostbusters 3 first came up in 1999 when Dan Aykroyd and Tom Davis wrote a script called Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent, which would involve Hell having to evict some of its inhabitants to the real world, forcing the Ghostbusters to visit Hell to put them in their place. The movie would have focused mainly on a set of new, younger Ghostbusters, who according to one reviewer were entirely interchangeable and not particularly funny. The prospects of that particular script didn’t last very long, as Aykroyd said in November of that same year, “Ghostbusters 3 isn’t going to happen for the same reason Men in Black 2 isn’t going to happen.” Welp.

Elements of that script were later borrowed for the 2009 Ghostbusters video game, which was apparently very good, but I never played it. So, was that the end of Ghostbusters 3? Well, obviously not. In 2004, Ernie Hudson said in an interview that everyone was game except Bill Murray, and that if they wanted to do it, they’d have to do it soon, because they were getting too old, presumably for this shit. It was reported in a few places in 2005 that Ben Stiller was to play a role in the movie. This was during one of Ben Stiller’s good periods. However, no news on the movie came up after that, until 2009.

In 2009, Ramis said that production on the movie had come to a screeching halt because of a lack of interest (you got that right, sistah). However, Aykroyd was obviously still interested, because he gave away some weirdly specific plot details later that same year. It was only in 2010 that Ghostbusters 3 news started popping up every other week.

It started in January, when Ivan Reitman confirmed he’d be directing the movie. This was the first piece of news that looked promising, as well as the first one to pretty much confirm the film’s eventual release. After that, everything pretty much went to shit. Bill Murray announced on Letterman that March that he would only appear in the film if his character were killed off within the first reel (a reel is about eleven minutes, in case you didn’t know). This was of course followed by Murray telling Coming Soon a month later, “You know what? Maybe I should do it.” That’s about the only answer we’ve gotten out of Bill as of yet. In May 2010, Aykroyd announced that Ghostbusters 3 would be THE must-see movie of Christmas 2012. Yep.

It was announced that November that Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg would be writing the film. Stupnitsky and Eisenberg’s previous credits included numerous episodes of The Office (not good ones), Year One, and Bad Teacher. So yeah. Aykroyd did say, however, that it was a really good script, and that he was really excited for the movie. Well yeah, it’s his movie, I mean, am I right, ladies?

A guy named Stefano Paganini who works at Sony said in October of 2010 that the script was approved and the wheels are turning. Then no news concerning the movie sprung up for like, a year. That seems to be a recurring theme; every time the movie looks like it might actually be happening, we stop hearing about it for a long time. However, Aykroyd told Dennis Miller in August of 2011 that the movie was moving forward as planned whether or not Bill Murray wanted any part of it. He said that the movie was about much more than just Murray, while adding that he was undoubtedly the lead and contributed to the film in a massive way. Kind of sending mixed messages there, Danny.

It was reported in 2011 that Bill Murray had received the script, but rumor had it he shredded it. So yeah. However, Aykroyd said it wasn’t true, but from what we’ve seen so far, Aykroyd isn’t exactly an accurate source of info. He said in February 2012 that the film was in suspended animation, and if it were to happen, Bill wouldn’t be in it. But Ramis and Reitman were all like “Come on, man! We don’t have anything else to do with our lives!” And Aykroyd was all like “Ok, fine, but the script’s gotta be just right, or else I’m out.

However, in Spring of 2012, it started to sound like Bill might want to do the movie after all. He told Letterman that they’re trying, but he wants to make sure it’s good before he agrees to do it. That July, Aykroyd confirmed that a rewrite was being developed, and confirmed LITERALLY A WEEK LATER that Etan Cohen would be writing it. Cohen also wrote Idiocracy, Madagascar 2, and Men in Black 3, so everyone was like, “Ay, maybe this’s goin’ somewhere. I dunno.”

And of course, Murray continued to flip-flop on his involvement in the film, as it was announced later in the year that he would not be involved. Reitman announced that September that a Ghostbusters remake might be in the works, as opposed to a third installment. But then in May 2013, Aykroyd was like, “Yeah, it’s happening. Bill doesn’t want to do it, but I left a spot for him just in case. It’s all nice and cozy.” It’s almost as if Bill, Dan, and Ivan aren’t talking about the same movie.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of news came in June 2013, where Rick Moranis gave a rare interview, in which he did discuss Ghostbusters 3. For those of you who don’t know, Moranis gave up showbiz to raise his kids after his wife died of breast cancer. Although, Anne died in ’91, and Moranis didn’t really quit until Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves in 1997, so maybe there was something else going on (Dear god, I hope Rick doesn’t read this). Moranis said that he may return to the role if the script’s actually good, and that he’d like to find out where his character wound up. So yeah, that’s what Rick had to say about it.

Aykroyd said later that, once again, they were rewriting the script and leaving Bill’s seat warm in case he decided to come back. This was getting to be really annoying at that point, Aykroyd saying the same shit over and over and over again and then no actual news about the movie coming out. However, that all changed when Harold Ramis straight-up died this February. Ramis had a writing credit on the movie’s IMDb page, but Sony claimed that Ramis’ involvement in the movie was minimal to begin with (a cameo). With the screenplay needing some serious rewrites, it was said that Reitman would need to have a sit-down with Sony to talk about how to move forward. They’re trying to start shooting in early 2015 now, I’ve heard. So, that’s the story of Ghostbusters 3. Oh, and another thing.

Reitman dropped out. He’s not directing it. This led many people to say, “Well, that’s it, movie’s not gonna happen, everyone pack up your things, this is the end of Ghostbusters 3.” But is it, though? Think about it. What has Ivan Reitman done recently that would make one think he could handle Ghostbusters 3? Let me list off every movie he’s directed since Ghostbusters 2. *clears throat* Kindergaten Cop, Dave, Junior, Father’s Day (so far, Schwarzenegger and Williams vehicles), Six Days Seven Nights (well that came out of left field), Evolution (don’t even ask), Cooking Lessons (unsold pilot), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and No Strings Attached. I think that out of those 9 movies, the best was Kindergarten Cop. That’s pretty bad.

Maybe this is what the movie needed. If they could find some kind of total nerd who is known for making a really good nerdgasm of a comedy, maybe they could save this movie.

Enter Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street, and most notably, The LEGO Movie. These guys are among my favorite directors. And they’re clearly gigantic nerds. And there’s a good chance Ghostbusters is one of their favorite movies. And rumor has it they’ll be directing Ghostbusters 3. They are the only thing that can save this movie.

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