When we first heard about the LEGO Movie, I think everyone’s first thought was, “Well, that’s going to suck.” But then, it seemed as though every piece of news about this movie made it seem better. First, it was to be directed and written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the people behind Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street, two of the best, most original movies of the past five years. Next came the cast and characters. The hero was Chris Pratt, the villain was Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Will Forte, Keegan Michael-Key, Liam Neeson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Nick Offerman all in the supporting cast, C-3PO and Lando Calrissian PLAYED BY ANTHONY DANIELS AND BILLY DEE WILLIAMS, and to top it all off, 4 members of the Justice League (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern), played by Cobie Smulders, Will Arnett, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill. The main song in the movie, “Everything Is Awesome,” is performed by Tegan and Sara featuring the Lonely Island. YOU HEARD ME.

It seems as though everyone I love is involved with this movie. It could only be better if Timberlake and David Tennant made it in there somehow. Coincidentally, Timberlake and Tennant are rumored to be playing the Riddler and Plastic Man, respectively, in the upcoming Justice League movie. Yes please.

Then the reviews started coming in. One critic (Christy Lemire over at ChristyLemire.com) pondered whether it was the greatest movie ever made. Even a negative review called it “the greatest commercial ever made.” It seemed as if Warner Brothers had struck gold with this movie, and it has already won an award, with more surely on the way, especially since Pixar doesn’t have anything coming out this year.

But nothing can truly prepare you for this movie. The movie drops you right in the middle of the kind of insanity that could only come from a child’s imagination (and that is the only vague spoiler I’m giving, because this ending is really something you need to see for yourself), and then continues with its unrelenting nonsense for an hour and a half, before finishing off by saying, “Would you like some Lonely Island with that?” It is spectacular.

But like I said, it’s a bit much. It really is non-stop action the entire time. The confusing and fast animation style adds to this, as does the 3D, and it really makes you question the writers’ sanity. Until the ending, that is. Sorry. No more spoilies. The movie really gets better and better, and deeper and deeper, the more you think about it. It’s sort of like the opposite of The Dark Knight Rises, a movie it is tied with on the IMDb top 250, because the general public is stupid.

Anyway, back to the movie, I really do think this movie might be the next Toy Story. I think it will have all the imitators that Toy Story had, I think people will start using its blend of CG and stop-motion more often, I think Looney Tunes physics are back, and above all (dramatic pause)

I think Warner Animation Group could be the next Pixar. You heard me. I think, if Warner continues on this path, they could be the next big thing in kids’ movies. Of course, this isn’t the first time the brothers Warner have tried to emulate the artists Pixel. They’ve been showing those Looney Tunes shorts before their terrible movies for four years now.

However, there are a lot of interesting parallels between Warner Brothers’ new animation division and Pixar. First of all, LEGO Movie is probably the most unique movie I’ve seen since Toy Story. Second, no one really expected either of the movies to be that good. They kinda seemed like shameless product placement opportunities more than actual respectable movies. Both had talks of a sequel less than a month after the original’s release. Also, look at WAG’s upcoming projects. First up is Storks, which is about animals (A Bug’s Life), followed by Smallfoot, which going just by the title, is about mythical beasts (Monsters Inc.). Of course, Pixar got Toy Story 2 out before Monsters, but based on how eager these guys are to make the LEGO Movie sequel, this could turn out the same way.

One problem: A different guy is writing LEGO Movie 2. And it’s the guy who wrote The Internship and The Watch. So yeah, this sequel could really suck. But for now, let’s focus on the original. LEGO Movie is amazing. It’s probably one of my top 50 favorite movies of all time, and I give it an A+. See it as soon as you can, even if you already have.

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