One of the most well-known Easter eggs in the history of film is the Pizza Planet truck, which to date has appeared in every Pixar movie.

Yo, Pizza Planet truck. Where u at?

Pixar does things like this a lot. Another example is the fact that John Ratzenberger, better known as Cliff from Cheers, has also been in every Pixar movie. In Cars, he was Mack, in Toy Story, he was Hamm, and in Brave, he went Hamm all over everyone’s ass.

Close enough

Now, I am a fan of the Pixar Apocalypse theory, but I do feel the one that went around the internet is very flawed. It seemed to only take into account Easter eggs that were convenient. They didn’t even mention the Pizza Planet truck, which is the most well-known of them all. So here’s my theory.

What if John Ratzenberger is a Time Lord and the Pizza Planet truck is his TARDIS?

you right now

Now, you may be saying, “But other people have driven the Pizza Planet truck.”


But they weren’t with John  Ratzenberger.

Just borrowing it for a few.

But why do all the John Ratzenberger characters have the same voice?

Ah, there’s the real question. You see, the real question behind that is, what is the difference between the Pixar universe and the Doctor Who one? And (one of) my answers to that is that the Time Lords always have the same voice when they regenerate. For this reason, the Doctor couldn’t avoid the Time Lords for long, who eventually found and imprisoned him. However, a few Time Lords did evade prosecution by fleeing to Earth, a planet where a lot of the species thought the others were inanimate, it was a huge mess and it would be really hard to find them because everything is alive. One of these was John Ratzenberger.

you right now

But note how I said “a few Time Lords.” I’m suggesting that every time a voice actor appears as more than one character in Pixar films, it’s a Time Lord. By the same logic, Jeff Garlin is a Time Lord. In WALL-E, Jeff Garlin’s character is the pilot of the ship.

He’s the one who brings the humans back to Earth.

He’s the one who listens to WALL-E even though no one else does.

He’s the one who defies the ship while still trying his best to make sure that

Just this once…

Everyone lives.

you right now

That concludes today’s Late Night Fan Theory. See you on Sunday for the big Anchorman 2 review, followed by my end-of-the-year shit, followed by more reviews and more fan theories in 2014. Until then…

End transmission.

you right now