Well, Futurama‘s finally over. After 14 years of cancellations and revivals, it has finally met an end. The show’s other two endings, “The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings” and “Into the Wild Green Yonder,” were fantastic episodes, and in my opinion, among the best. So, with the show meeting what will likely be its end, there was one question on everyone’s mind: will the finale be any good? Some people were worried that expectations for the episode were too high, and that it could never live up to them. Their fears were escalated when it was announced that the show would be crossing over with The Simpsons next year, meaning that no one would leave or die in the finale, something you wouldn’t expect from Futurama. So, how did the episode turn out?

Perfectly. I mean it. I can not imagine how this episode could have been better. Well, I probably could. I would’ve enjoyed it if Bender found out that Hermes created him, and it would’ve been cool if we got to see Amy and Kif’s kids somehow, maybe in an epilogue. I still loved the episode, though. It had that perfect blend of everything that made Futurama so good. It had great comedy, good drama, good action, good sci-fi, a darkly funny plot that makes you think. It really was a near-perfect episode. And that’s why I give the Futurama finale an A+. A lot of my favorite shows have ended or will be ending this year, but so far, this may be the best I’ve seen of the finales. It truly embodies everything that makes the show good.

I’m sorry this review took so long and was so short. I’ll get to work on my favorite episodes ranking right away. I’ll also be reviewing The Family next week. After that, I’ll try to think of a couple articles to put out before the Cloudy 2 review at the end of the month. Until then…

End transmission.