I’m starting a new schedule for articles on the website. Here it is.

SUNDAY: Review

TUESDAY: Break It Down

THURSDAY: Stank-Ass Ranking

SATURDAY: Misc. (Any of the above, Music News-ic, Reading About TV, or a combination)

Here’s the specs for next week. I’ll also try to put up a Site News whenever there’s site news. If I don’t make one article on time, I’ll just try to get back on track as soon as possible.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 25: The World’s End review

TUESDAY, AUGUST 27: Break It Down: Three Flavors Cornetto

THURSDAY, AUGUST 29: Stank-Ass Ranking: the Batman movies

SATURDAY, AUGUST 31: Ben Affleck as Batman: yes or no?

I’ve abandoned the “Survival” review. It was going to be a line-by-line but it was taking way too long, so I’ll see you again on Sunday. Until then…

End transmission.